Bathroom Vanaties

Bathroom Vanaties

Bathroom vanaties are a very important part of the bathroom design. Not only do they store your toiletries, but they are also an important piece of furniture in the bathroom. The most common types of vanities contain a sink, countertop, and mirror, but they can also include additional features such as lights, architectural styling details, and built-in shelves. Historically, vanity tables were housed in the bedroom before indoor plumbing was invented. Using a vanity in the bedroom allowed people to wash their hands and faces at night.

Bathroom vanaties come in a variety of styles, from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary. Pedestal sinks are fine for smaller bathrooms, but the larger versions can literally change the look of a bathroom. Many of these vanities are double bowl, meaning you can have two separate sinks and two separate mirrors. This is great if you have a couple of people in your household; the double sink makes it easy to apply makeup and make up for both of you. They also make for great storage.

Initially, vanities were placed in bedrooms. Now, most vanities are housed in separate bathrooms, but some designers have started placing free-standing tubs in bedrooms instead of bathrooms. This trend harkens back to the days before the advent of plumbing, but gives the room a modern twist. For those who like to get creative and customize their bathroom space, there are plenty of vanities available on the market today.

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