Bathroom Vanaties

Bathroom Vanaties

When installing a new bathroom, vanaties can make all the difference. These stylish pieces are essential for a new bathroom. A vanity usually includes a sink, a countertop and a mirror, but modern vanities can also include lighting, built-in shelves, and other architectural styling details. While vanities are an important part of any bathroom installation, the concept of a vanity goes back several centuries, to when people used to use small tables in their bed chambers to wash their faces and hands at night.

Today, bathroom vanaties are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. You can find a simple pedestal sink that is good for small bathrooms. There are also many more options to consider, including tall cabinetry, roll-out drawers, and a built-in vanity hamper. There are even some that feature a charging station for cell phones and a pullout step stool for removing your makeup.

Before buying a bathroom vanity, take measurements of your space and choose the right size. Take into consideration where doors and trim will go. You also want to consider the current features in the room. You should consider where plumbing is located, as it may affect your vanity’s width. Additionally, you will have to move your existing fixtures if you have to relocate the plumbing. You should also consider the design of your bathroom and the location of your toilet when choosing a vanity.

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