Finding the Perfect Bathroom Vanity

Finding the Perfect Bathroom Vanity

For those who have limited space and want a vanity that still has plenty of storage, you can find very narrow vanities. For example, Darla DeMorrow’s vanity is only 15 inches wide and still has plenty of storage. Many decorators recommend a countertop that extends from wall to wall, but this will depend on the size of the room. Here are some tips for finding the perfect vanity for your space.

Bathroom vanaties come in a variety of sizes. The most popular size is the 36-inch vanity, which is ideal for standard-sized bathrooms. This type has a combination of cabinets and drawers and plenty of storage space. The 40-inch vanities have more storage and decorative prominence. You can also find 48-inch vanaties, which feature a single bowl and ample counter space. The most versatile and stylish of all vanity styles is the 60-inch model, which is available in many sizes.

Modern bathroom vanaties can be as sleek and minimalist as you want them to be. Some are ultra-modern, with clean lines and minimal hardware. You can find modern vanaties in many sizes and styles. If your decor is somewhere between old-world and ultra-modern, transitional vanities are the perfect choice. The style is a combination of classic and contemporary design elements, which works well in almost any style and will retain its appeal over time.

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